our process
  • Letitia Elizabeth is rooted in authenticity, sustainability, and connecting our global community under ethical practices as well as shared experiences. When you choose to shop with us, you are surrounding yourself with products where every design and decision is made with this ethos in mind. We strive to work transparently and consciously in providing collections you can feel good about. Our textiles and raw materials are carefully chosen for luxurious, comforting, quality as well as their impact on the environment which includes those hard working humans living in it. Any material not created in house are produced by brethren local artists who similarly operate sustainably with small-batch, ethical practices. We choose to wholeheartedly support local industries here in America instead of overseas like big box retailers who focus on profit only. Paying more than a fair wage and first class working conditions – this aspect of our brand is unwavering.

  • Materials are thoughtfully sourced and produced with our ethos in mind. Our unique, handcrafted textiles support small scale economies and the environment through zero-waste design and business growth pillared by social integrity.

    Cotton – Our sheets are made from sumptuous organic cotton with organic thread.

    Wools – Coming soon!

    Natural Dyes – We use a palette of natural plant dyes made from sustainable, locally available materials. Unlike toxic chemical dyes found in your mass market home furnishings and fashions, plant waste from the dyeing process is biodegradeable and the waste water is reuseable, especially for watering…more plants! Natural dyes can be unpredicable but produce a rich aesthetic that cannot be achieved through commercial dyes.

  • We work closely with in house seamstresses and women-owned manufacturing factories for the small scale production of our eco luxe products. All of our business is ethical and in support of economic empowerment of local communities. We nostalgically hold on to the dream of traditional handmade craftsmanship; keeping the production process authentic and as close to the source as possible. Each item is beautifully unique in its own way. You can expect a Letitia Elizabeth product is a one of a kind item made with love and intention.

    *As domestic production of fibers increase, we look forward to sourcing them, however we always seek to include countries who rightfully specialize in historically produced textiles such as Italy, India, and the UK.

Letitia Elizabeth designs for women seeking a pure, carefree, flirtatious way of dressing themselves and home.